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Why Are We Here?

Ordinary Means exists to call the Church of Christ to Reformation, back to a trust in God’s means~the Word, the Sacraments, and prayer~as the primary means God uses to seek, save, and sanctify the lost.

The Ordinary Means Podcast is, ordinarily, Matthew Bohling and Shaun Nolan.

Matthew Bohling is pastor of Hillcrest PCA and can be contacted here.
Shaun Nolan is pastor of View Crest PCA and can be contacted here.

The Fine Print

Sound Design and Production, Scott Miskovish
Simple Gifts, our theme music, written by Joseph Brackett, Jr. (1797-1882)
Arrangement by William Wallace
Kari Emerick, piano

The views expressed at Ordinary Means are nothing more and nothing less than the views of those expressing them.  Thank you for taking us seriously and with great grace. We like grace a lot.

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