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On Folks You Should Listen To

May 1, 2010

Well, it’s May. This is the month we point you to other exceedingly helpful resources on the interwebs. To do that, Matt and Shaun actually split up this time and spent their hard-earned travel budgets in two different directions (geographically, not theologically). Matt headed to T4G and Shaun to TLF.

Matt returns with these recommendations (and a fourth child – Congrats!)…

1) John Piper: Did Jesus Preach Paul’s Gospel?
This is a masterful presentation. The panel discussion afterward was also very good. WARNING… the first part of the sermon will make you uncomfortable but it will resolve, I promise.

Direct Link

2) C.J. Mahaney with Matt Chandler: Preparing Your Church for Suffering
This is also quite useful for pastors and elders to think through. I like Chandler a lot. He’s particularly good in proclaiming the gospel among the “dechurched“. Chandler has recently gone through cancer treatment and his story, as well as both he and CJ’s advice are well worth pondering.

Direct Link

3) There were also breakout sessions that are not yet posted on the T4G website. When they are, we’ll update this post so you know and can listen to David Platt’s presentation. It was incredibly challenging to this pastor.

Shaun has a reminder as well as a recommendation…

1) If you have not yet listened to Ligon Duncan’s talk on the ordinary means of grace, you’re missing out on a treat. It is a great place to start and a refreshing place to return, to remember the simplicity of following Christ. I’m a big fan of trimming our lives down to the essentials. (Note: This year’s audio did not record well, so I am linking to last year’s talk.)

Direct Link

2) We haven’t yet linked to Derek Thomas, and this is surely a wicked oversight on our part. (Matt, why haven’t we had Derek on the podcast, yet?) This year, Derek took us through Nehemiah, making vibrant its call to exalt the Lord from the heart.

Direct Link

That should keep you busy and your iPod humming. We’ll see you in June!


The Ordinary Means Guys

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  1. Matthew Bohling permalink
    May 25, 2010 6:39 pm

    The Platt audio is up! You can find it here:

    Coincidentally, on the Gospel Coalition blog today, Kevin DeYoung has a review of Platt’s book (Radical) with some helpful clarifying comments by Platt following the review. That review and response can be found here:

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