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Jack Kinneer on Two Kingdom Theology

February 1, 2010

Jack Kinneer, Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies at RPTS, has been our guest before, and we cannot recommend those podcasts enough, but this month he really blew us away.  We expected him to fall neatly into one of the two “kingdom” positions, emphasizing either church or culture.  Instead, Dr. Kinneer provides what he calls “a much more biblical position” that takes neither Christ nor culture for granted, but focuses on exalting Christ as King and Lord of all.  This is a must listen for the church today!

Leave your comments, questions, and anything else that will affirm our poor self-esteem.  If this podcast has been a help to you, let your friends know they can listen right here, download directly from this link (right click and save), or subscribe on iTunes.

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  1. Jeff Parker permalink
    February 3, 2010 2:12 am

    I gained immensely from hearing this today. Jack Kinneer was tremendous drawing on a Lord-centered understanding. This is awesome “thought candy” for months to come!

  2. Dirk permalink
    February 10, 2010 2:35 am

    so….according to the deacon (or pastor) of the congregational church at Lexington, Christians don’t have to submit to earthly kings because the Christian’s king is Jesus?

    Sorry, but that flies in the face of texts like Mark 12:17 and Romans 13:1-7.

  3. February 15, 2010 5:28 pm

    Thanks for the interview with Dr. Kinneer, it was very helpful. I will recommend it to a couple of friends. (And I should say that last month’s discussion of Deep Church was great too.)

  4. Robert Williams permalink
    February 24, 2010 6:26 pm

    This was a great interview and really helped me understand the debate around Two Kingdoms, and I thought Dr. Kinneer was very persuasive. I found his discussion of how the historic Two Kingdoms doctrine varied from the current Two Kingdoms doctrine to be particularly helpful.

    There were a couple of things I didn’t understand though. I think Dr. Kinneer said that Christian rulers should govern according to the Ten Commandments, but that he also said (essentially) there should be no compulsion in religion, and used Israel’s laws against idolatry as an example of something that would not carry over to the USA. However, the first 2 of the 10 commandments prohibit idolatry and other religions. How could we rule by the Ten Commandments but not punish false religions and idolatry?

    The other thing I was not clear on – if a majority of the citizens of a country were Christian, and a majority of the government was Christian, would it be right in Dr. Kinneer’s opinion for that society to legally enforce the Sabbath (e.g., via Blue Laws)?

  5. Tim permalink
    March 4, 2010 1:50 pm

    I don’t think Jack Kinneer understands the Two Kingdom distinction as taught by WSC faculty, Scott Clark, David VanDrunnen, Mike Horton ,or D.G. Hart. I think Jason Stellman of Exile Presbyterian Church is very helpful and clear on what a Two Kingdom ethic/distinction looks like. In this podcast Kinneer didn’t want to call himself a theonomist or transformationist but sounded very much like one and even defended these views. Kinneer said, “Christ is reigning to establish his kingdom everywhere in the world.” The problem is this world and age is passing away. Is Christ establishing his kingdom on a dying world and during a passing age? Or, is he returning to make all things new, thus creating a new heavens and new earth? The Church is the manifest kingdom of God during this age. So the growth of the kingdom is bound up in the growth of the church. The Church, as institution, has a narrow mandate/calling. That is to preach the gospel, administer the sacremants, and administer church discipline. Kinneer is worried that the 2K approach gives the impression that Christ is only king of the church and not all of creation. But that is not a result of the 2K approach. When we preach the gospel we are proclaiming the totality of Christ’s reign over creation and the church. That is why we call all people to repent and believe the gospel warning of the coming judgment. Ask yourself this question: Does God rule and reign the same way in the church as he does in the world? Is the mission of the church to subdue the earth and all nations by bringing them under the rule of Christ? If you answered yes to the second question then you are the one denying the actual reign and rule of Christ over all things.

    • ordinarymeans permalink*
      March 4, 2010 3:04 pm

      You’ll benefit from listening to our podcast this month (sorry it isn’t up yet — we just recorded) with Jason Stellman.


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